Welcome to the Copart Family, QCSA!

If you've previously bought from QCSA:

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  • Once logged in, visit My Account to download and submit a Power of Attorney, Company Check Approval Bank Verification and other applicable forms.

If you've never bought from QCSA or Copart:

If you're an existing Copart Member:

  • Expect to see more inventory at several of our locations.
  • We are introducing additional sublots, so if you plan to preview vehicles in person, look at the “Notes” section of the Lot Details page to see if items are stored at a sublot.

Copart is pleased to announce the transition of QCSA locations.

Former QCSA yard Now part of Copart as a         Learn more
White Marsh, MD Sublot to Baltimore
Ham Lake, MN Sublot to Minneapolis North
Grantville, PA Sublot to Harrisburg
Hampton, VA New Location: Hampton
Pittsburgh, PA New Location: Pittsburgh East
Chalfont, PA Sublot to Philadelphia
Riverton, IL Sublot to Peoria
Bartlett, IL New Location: Bartlett
Eldridge, IA New Location: Eldridge
East St. Louis, IL Sublot to St. Louis
Hammond, IN New Location: Hammond
Cicero, IN Sublot to Indianapolis
Columbia Station, OH Sublot to Cleveland East
Dayton, OH New Location: Dayton
Columbus, OH Sublot to Columbus
What is a sublot?

A sublot is a secondary location for storing inventory. Each sublot is linked to one of our main Copart locations. Vehicles housed at sublots will be sold through the primary location's online sales.

Special note about Ham Lake and Eldridge: 

Ham Lake will no longer have in-person, physical auctions. Its sales will now only be virtual, held online through our VB3 technology.

Eldridge auctions will be held every other Wednesday.